a quick thanksgiving thought

Social media is blowing up with Thanksgiving wishes today so I thought I’d take a few moments to put down a quick thought here that has captured my heart this morning.

Out  of gratitude and thanksgiving flows a content heart.  Think about it – the areas of life we’re sincerely thankful for are the areas that we are most fulfilled and happy with.

The inverse of my earlier statement would be something like this.

An unthankful and unappreciative heart produces discontentment.  I think of words like “envy” and “greed” with this statement.  It’s those areas where we want something more or something different but remain unfulfilled and unhappy.

On a day where THANKFULNESS takes the front seat, let it consume you!

But, make this your prayer:

God, search my heart for areas of discontentment – It’s in those areas where I need Your  grace.  Thank you for Your grace.

“Where sin runs deep, Your grace is more”  -Matt Maher